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Matsqui Ag Repair Farm Equipment sales in BC

KUHN Krause primary tillage tools promote the breakdown of crop residue and allow for excellent root development for the next crop. These subsurface tillage tools break up compaction while preserving the soil surface, promote aeration, limit erosion and runoff, and improve water infiltration which helps the soil retain moisture.

Primary Tillage

Chisel Plows

The KUHN Krause 4000 flex-wing chisel plow allows farmers to complete their primary tillage faster and more efficiently by matching widths with tractor horsepower. Well-designed shank spacing allows for uniform residue flow even in high-residue conditions. Choose the KUHN Krause 4000 flex-wing chisel for money savings now and better root systems later.


Combo Disc Rippers

KUHN Krause combination disc rippers set new standards for residue management, compaction removal and residue mixing in one pass. This leads to faster decomposition of tough crop residue, improved crop root development and increased yields, while decreasing operational costs.


Coulter Chisels

The KUHN Krause Landsaver® 4810 coulter chisel provides residue cutting and aggressive compaction removal with a variety of shank and point options to meet different requirements. This promotes breakdown of crop residue and allows good root development for the next crop.



The durable KUHN Krause in-line rippers provide an efficient solution to soil compaction while retaining surface residue. Leading the category with its no-till shank capability, KUHN Krause in-line rippers aggressively remove compaction and leave the soil surface virtually undisturbed, retain residue for no-till farming, allow water infiltration and deep root development.

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