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Matsqui Ag Repair Farm Equipment sales in BC

Manure Spreaders

Rear Discharge Manure Spreader

The KUHN Knight PS 250, 260 & 270 ProSpread® apron box manure spreaders are high-capacity, non-commercial spreaders designed for feeder, cow/calf, and dairy operations that process a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials.

Side Discharge Manure Spreader

If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the KUHN Knight SL 100 Series ProTwin® Slinger® manure spreaders. Four trailer models are available with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,400 gallons.

As the worldwide leader in manure spreading technology, KUHN offers a wide variety of side-discharge and rear-discharge manure spreaders designed and built to meet the needs of any farming or industrial operation.

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